Water Wars 2288 #1

Our pulse pounding premiere issue features two apocalyptic short stories.

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Water Wars 2288

She’s a good girl in a bad world!

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Long Distance

Aboard a deserted space station, a lone astronaut witnesses the end of the world… and is powerless to stop it.

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Engines of Carnage

During a robotic future war, a surviving human soldier confronts a disturbing destiny. A sci fi/ body horror story, set in the Water Wars: 2288 Universe.

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Welcome to the dangerous and unpredictable world of Water Wars: 2288

In a climate ravaged future, armed corporate militias and robot gangs battle over the world's dwindling water supply. The WATER WARS: 2288 Universe revolves around a central ongoing protagonist, the unstoppable Sarah Strong. While hiking across the ruins of what used to be Route 66, Sarah (and her mechanical dragonfly) encounter a host of weird creatures and odd scenarios. The short stories themselves evoke vivid themes of war and transformation. For readers that love amazing artwork paired with dystopian sci-fi, this book is for you.